Dragon Jacket Insulation™ is an innovative manufacturing company

Revolutionizing the industry with the most durable engineered insulation systems currently available.

We take a holistic approach to each project and provide engineered solutions with all the technical, training, and installation support necessary for a successful completion.

The experiences gained throughout our journey has given us the knowledge to match the best insulation solutions for our clients' applications and needs.

Our Mission

To increase our customers’ ROI with innovative engineered insulation systems that eliminate the industry’s most costly failures, while fostering a dynamic work environment for our employees.

Our Vision

To revolutionize the industrial insulation industry with a new standard of engineered insulation systems providing minimal maintenance solutions, with long term sustainability and increased ROI.

How our story began

Dragon Jacket Insulation was invented by Adrian Zettell in response to an oil field customer's needs for an insulation able to withstand the rigorous demands of the North Dakota Oilfields.

Throughout the years, we have continued to improve upon product designs through tests, trials, and direct customer feedback to continue providing the most innovative solutions that have spread across multiple industries and applications.

As our story continues...

The North Dakota oilfield where Dragon Jacket Insulation’s first install occurred five years ago, recently underwent inspection and the original insulation systems remain fully intact and functional. The combination of durability, re-usability, waterproof technology, chemical resistance, and thermal properties of Dragon Jacket Insulation’s systems remain unmatched.

Our Core Values


We respect our employees and challenge them to grow both personally and professionally. We acknowledge that our accomplishments are a direct result of teamwork driven by our common vision. We cultivate a safe and dynamic work environment that encourages innovation and creativity, and where excellence is rewarded.


We are dedicated to our customers and continually providing them with superior insulation systems and service that aims to exceed expectations; every order, from the beginning through installation. Our customers’ success is our success, and we are focused on supporting their process through training and meeting their needs.

Accountability & Integrity

We remain accountable for our words and actions as individuals, and together as the Dragon Group. We are consistent with what we say, and respectful with how we speak to one another, our customers, vendors, and suppliers. We are ethical and can be trusted to adhere to our word(s).


We are committed to providing insulation systems that take into consideration environmental impacts for production and installation. We strive to reduce industrial waste by providing re-usable insulation system.