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Technical Data Sheets

tech data

dragon jacket insulation™

tech data

dragon jacket s1™

tech data

dragon jacket s2™

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dragon jacket s3™

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dragon jacket s4™

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dragon jacket s6™

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dragon jacket™ insulating core

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Dragon Jacket Insulation™ Insulated Bases

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Water Permeability

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Chemical Resistance Chart

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Dragon Jacket X5™

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Dragon Jacket EPL™

Case Studies


Pressure Vessel

A complete tank insulation system with fully integrated panels, a bottom and roof.

Southern u.s.

power plant

A durable insulation system able to withstand the rigorous demands of this power plant's daily operations.
Specifically, areas with heavy foot traffic.

Bonner's Ferry, Idaho

Forced Main Sewer Suspension Bridge over the kootenai river

The bridge started with one line that needed to be replaced. A new line needed to be installed and operational before removing the original line. The original line then needed to be installed and insulated without contaminating the river and maintaining a safe work environment for the crew

Midwest U.S.

Agricultural Processing Plant

poly processing

2750 gallon safe tank

Phoenix, Arizona

Outdoor Chlorine Line

Hill Brothers Chemical Co. needed a product that would provide solar protection, mitigate CUI and withstand the harsh chemical environment.

The job consisted of 1.5 inch schedule 80 black iron pipe carrying Chlorine gas.

CDM Smith

Atlantic Contracting

North Dakota


The North Dakota oilfield where Dragon Jacket Insulation’s first install occurred five years ago, recently underwent inspection and the original insulation systems remain fully intact and functional.

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Sales Sheets


dragon jacket insulation™


Eliminate CUI

Tank Systems

Tank Insulation Systems™

Tank Systems

Complete Tank Insulation Systems

Pipe Systems

Insulated Pipe Saddle™

Pipe Systems

Bolt Through Insulated Pipe Saddle™

Panel Systems

Heat Exchanger System

Pipe Systems

Insulated Pipe Hanger

Panel Systems

SPX Pump System

Dragon Pro™ Guides

Dragon Pro Series™
Dragon Jacket Insulation Install Tips

dragon jacket insulation™ General Install Tips

Dragon Pro Series™
Draogn Jacket Insulation Field Measuring Guide

General Field Measuring Guide

Dragon Pro Series™
dragon jacket insulation install guide

Dragon Jacket Insulation™ General Installation Guide


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